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Workers Compensation

While workers compensation should only be used to benefit employees who have been injured on the job, too often this system is abused, costing the company money in the long run. In addition to the loss of productivity, in order to cover the cost of increased workers comp claims, insurance companies often raise their premiums and these extra expenses are passed to the employer.

If you suspect that an employee is taking advantage of the system and using it for personal profit, you have a right to the truth.

Common red flags for illegitimate workers comp claims include:

  • Employee has a history of deceptive behavior or disciplinary issues
  • Employee offers conflicting information about the incident
  • Employee cannot remember specific details of the incident
  • There were no other witnesses during the incident
  • Employee waited a long time before reporting the injury

While one or more of these instances are suspicious, you won’t know the truth for sure until you hire a licensed workers compensation investigator.

Investigate False Disability Claims

You can’t tell if a workers compensation claim is fraudulent from observation or surveillance alone. While it can help catch employees who are working a second job in order to double their income while on disability or reveal whether they’re exaggerating the extent of their injuries - you want to do more than catch them in the act. You need evidence that’s admissible in court so you can stop paying for someone else’s extended vacation.

A private investigator knows how to gather the most reliable information to support your case. By completing background checks, interviewing co-workers, and intelligent surveillance, we help employers prevent fraud and prove:

  • The incident did not occur or did not occur as reported
  • Exaggerated injury claims
  • Employee lying about outside employment
  • Employee knowingly files claims for the same injury at multiple jobs
  • Employee knowingly caused an incident to receive benefits

Reveal Disability Insurance Fraud

If you suspect your employee is lying about an injury on the job, call (864) 420-2197 or email us at for a free consultation.