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Workplace Violence Testimony

While most businesses take steps to minimize workplace violence, when a physical or verbal threat is made by an employee or an outside force, you need an experienced consultant to put the incident in the proper perspective. We’re able to serve law firms and individual attorneys through expert witness testimony, providing both risk and exposure analyses to defense or plaintiff counsel.

Risk Analysis

Who is responsible for workplace violence? The answer to that depends on the results of a risk litigation analysis. Through a workplace risk investigation, we use evidence and our knowledge of security risk management to determine if the proper preventative measures were put in place prior to the incident.

With years of experience collaborating with legal experts and commercial enterprises, we’re able to act as authoritative, court-qualified experts to assess liability in your case. For an on-going case, we use the information about the company’s current safety policies and procedures to determine where the fault lies.

Receive Expert Testimony

To learn how we can provide an expert witness for your workplace violence case, call (864) 420-2197 or email us at