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Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

If you’re experiencing an increase of shortages, thefts, or daily losses, let a licensed private investigator help you regain control over your profits. With a proper loss prevention and asset protection investigation, an objective force is able to get to the source of your issues so you can cut your losses.

A Wealth of Asset Protection Experience

Using a combined 37 years of law enforcement and asset protection experience, we engage in discreet intelligence gathering to investigate and identify deceptive personnel, detect shoplifters, or conduct awareness training programs.

Our own private investigator, Bush Banton, spent over 15 years providing asset protection services for a 50-year-old business. With this background, he’s able to assess your company’s needs and craft policies and procedures that detect and deter internal or external theft.

Reduce Financial Loss

Start developing your custom loss prevention procedures today. Call (864) 420-2197 or email us at for a free consultation.