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Security Risk Management

Corporate security goes beyond loss prevention and security system integration. Whether you’re planning to expand your business or you’ve already perceived a threat to your business assets, security risk management can help you identify vulnerabilities within your company and craft a treatment plan to resolve them.

Custom Solutions for Security Risks

Enterprise Security Risk Management (or ESRM) is a proactive way for you to protect your business assets and reduce risks for your company and clients. Using years of business and security experience, Custom Security and Investigations LLC will work closely with you to assess your assets and identify potential threats before creating a dedicated, custom framework designed to integrate new, protective policies at every level of your business.

Take the first step toward managing your corporate security risks today, and save your business time and money in the future. No matter the size of your business, we follow ESRM best practices to ensure security for your:

  • Assets
  • Human Resource Department
  • Sensitive Corporate Information
  • Business Supply Chain

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