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Civil Investigations

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A civil or legal investigation is an important part of any lawsuit. Cases are fought and won based on the details, so it’s important that you focus on the right ones. While a skilled licensed private investigator is always an invaluable asset, Custom Security and Investigations LLC is able to go above and beyond data collection and surveillance for our clients.

With two decades of law enforcement experience, we’re able to offer full-service legal investigation and litigation support services. This means that in addition to locating witnesses and investigating claims, we can also guide your legal team in the right direction, letting you know the right questions to ask, documents to collect, and testimony to acquire.

Dedicated to Your Case

Let us use our professional experience and insight to create an official report for your case or provide our testimony as an expert witness

We understand the time constraints that come with fighting a case in court, which is why we work efficiently and diligently to gather the intelligence you need for the ideal end result.

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