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Child Custody

There’s nothing more important than ensuring the safety and stability of your child’s home environment. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child has the emotional and financial support that they deserve. When a child custody case threatens that stability, you need proof to back up your innocence or allegations.

Whether you’ve been accused of mistreatment or you want to ensure your child is placed in the custody of the most qualified parent, a thorough child custody investigation allows you to provide your attorney with reliable, unbiased evidence about the situation at hand.

Licensed & Professional Child Custody Investigators

Your word isn’t enough to win a case in the court of law. Proving that you’re a good parent or that a former partner is unfit takes hard evidence to ensure the best interests of your child are met.

You don’t want to rely on personal testimony alone. With matters as sensitive as your child’s future, the best decision you can make is to hire a professional for the job. With help from a licensed private investigator from Custom Security and Investigations LLC, you have an objective party who is able to provide the evidence you need to turn your child custody case in your favor. Through background checks, surveillance, and data collection, an experienced investigator uncovers the truth for allegations of:

  • Neglect or Incompetence
  • Physical, Emotional, or Sexual Abuse
  • Poor Living Conditions

Start Your Investigation

When the well-being of your child is on the line, you don’t have time to wait. Don’t get trapped in a custody battle with an unfit parent. Get the evidence you need to backup your testimony.

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