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Alimony Reduction

Not every marriage ends in happily ever after, and following a divorce, you may find that you’re responsible for making regular alimony payments. Alimony is a temporary court-ordered payment made to a former spouse following a divorce. It can be distributed via a lump sum or continuing payments. The allotted amount is partially determined by what the dependent spouse earns on a monthly basis, their current expenses, and the ability for them to maintain their lifestyle.

Reduce Your Payments

If your former spouse has received a new promotion, acquired a higher paying job, or moved in with a new partner, you may be paying too much in alimony. Since alimony payments are partially based on individual and shared household income, when these circumstances change for your ex-partner, you have the right to request a reduction or termination of alimony payments.

While the decision to reduce your payments is ultimately made by a judge, an alimony investigator can help support your case via a thorough investigation. A licensed PI can determine your ex-partner’s current salary and living situation, gathering the proof needed to show you deserve a reduction or termination.

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