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Accident Investigations

From fender benders to incidents on the job, it’s always a smart idea to hire an attorney following an accident that leads to a death or personal injury. It’s even smarter for that attorney to hire an experienced accident investigator.

It’s about protection. Whether you’re representing the plaintiff or defendant, you want to gather the most evidence to ensure a fairer settlement in your case. A licensed investigator can collect that information for you to determine who is liable for damages and injuries so your client doesn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

Choose the Right Accident Investigator

Accident investigations can be completed by either an independent investigator or a police officer who can review the situation and try to reconstruct the incident to determine liability. With Custom Security and Investigations LLC, you get the knowledge of both of these professions in one. In addition to being a private investigator, our own Moroe “Bush” Banton has 20 years of law enforcement experience. He can use his professional training to ensure you have the information needed to show what really happened during the accident

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